Meet Habitat Horticulture, Cultivating Awe-Inspiring Plant-Centric Spaces
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Meet Habitat Horticulture, Cultivating Awe-Inspiring Plant-Centric Spaces

Founded in 2010 by horticultural artist David Brenner, Habitat Horticulture’s mission is to cultivate awe-inspiring plant-centric spaces that deepen our connection with nature.

We are driven by the belief that plant life is integral to our well-being, especially in urban settings. Our name comes from our commitment to habitat creation, not just for people to enjoy, but for the flora and fauna of our overarching ecosystem to flourish. We strive for a world of mutually beneficial relationships, where architecture and nature come together as one.

From high-rise exteriors to expansive lobby spaces, we have experience integrating greenery into some of the largest and most complex projects across North America. We provide turnkey living wall design, build, and maintenance, as well as design-assist, construction documentation, or other à la carte services. Our extended portfolio includes interior/exterior landscape design, green roofs, moss walls, vine trellis systems and biophilic design.

By considering their complex biological processes first, we create environments where plants can thrive. With knowledge that comes from years of experience, we work fluidly with architects, engineers, and construction teams to find the best solutions for each project.

Our seasoned ability to think “outside the planter” equips us to handle specific (to unique) architectural requests. Living, breathing vertical gardens are more than just décor. Our vibrant plant tapestries highlight the unique qualities of each species, bringing architecture and nature together to energize the space.

We’re pleased to share the launch of our new website! The fresh design puts our projects front and center, while highlighting our mission, systems, the benefits of living walls, and more. Check it out!


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