Welcome to the Squeezable Sponge City of Tomorrow

Beautiful green roofs have popped up all over the world: specially selected plants growing on structures specially designed to manage the extra weight of biomass. Amsterdam has taken that one step further with blue-green roofs, specially designed to capture rainwater. One project, the Resilience Network of Smart Innovative Climate-Adaptive Rooftops, or RESILIO, has covered over […]

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Miyagi Technology Innovation Center | TAISEI DESIGN Planners Architects & Engineers

An Open Design for an Open Miyagi Technology Innovation Center – R&D Facility for the Tokyo Electron Group, a prominent semiconductor manufacturer © Norihito Yamauchi Miyagi Technology Innovation Center’s Design Concept This new building is an open innovation hub to develop cutting-edge technologies and increase productivity. Its expansive roof, reminiscent of an empty factory, invites […]

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How Hospitality Architecture Boosts Your Hotel’s Revenue?

Guest expectations are no longer limited to in-room amenities, services, and experiences — they have expanded beyond that. Modern guests now look for immersive and memorable experiences that start when they arrive at your hotel or restaurant.  A strong focus on innovative architecture, stylish interiors, and thoughtful design provides an impactful impression on guests. This […]

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Foster + Partners debuts Changfeng mixed-use development in Shanghai

Designs for Changfeng mixed-use development revealed In the redevelopment of Changfeng Mixed-Use Development by Foster + Partners, the concept of Life Circle, which is one of the indicators of the “15-minute community” Masterplan of Shanghai 2035, is fully understood and applied. Within 15 minutes, people can access all the public services and sights within walking […]

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OurDomain Student Housing | OZ Architects

OurDomain Amsterdam Southeast is located in the heart of an educational hub, surrounded by student housing in Amsterdam. Its strategic positioning near an academic hospital and a train station makes it an ideal location for residents. The campus consists of approximately 1,500 apartments and amenities, marking its entrance into an area previously occupied by offices. […]

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O.J. and L.A.

O.J. Simpson’s death earlier this month marked the end of a tragic trajectory, a long and enduring descent from national hero to pariah. A once beloved figure’s legacy swallowed by his infamous murder trial and subsequent spiral. That precipitous tumble, at least in the public consciousness, all began with his fateful flight along the freeways […]

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Terrazzo Tile’s Back! Everything You Need To Know About Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo Tile’s Back! , and it’s no surprise why. This versatile material seamlessly combines style, durability, and easy maintenance, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to enhance their living spaces. Whether you’re considering using terrazzo tiles for your kitchen countertops, a striking accent wall, or flooring, this article from Arch2O delves into why […]

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