Azizi appoints Arup for spatial planning of Azizi Opera
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Azizi appoints Arup for spatial planning of Azizi Opera

Arup has been appointed by Azizi Developments for the spatial planning of an opera house within its premium development, Azizi Venice, which is taking shape in Dubai South. Billed as a US $8.16bn mixed-use project, Azizi Venice is expected to feature more than 30,000 residential units across 100 apartment complexes, and over 400 luxury villas and mansions.

At the heart of Azizi Venice lies its pedestrian-friendly boulevard, which will be open-air in the winter and glass-covered in the summer to ensure a temperature-controlled space with year-round activity and visitors. Located at the heart of the boulevard and built to the highest, most contemporary standards in design and architecture, Azizi Opera will become one of the most notable venues for high-caliber events in the emirate, the developer explained in a statement.

Lined with three-storey buildings planned to host the world’s top retailers and brands, nightlife, and entertainment options, as well as eateries that represent a vast number of countries from across the world, Azizi Boulevard will represent a new and unique point of interest on Dubai’s map of outstanding sights, it added.

Azizi is the master developer of the mixed-use project, and is spearheading the construction of buildings, roads, and all the infrastructure.

“We are delighted to be partnering with the renowned UK group Arup, whose expertise in engineering and design perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury. Azizi Opera will become one of the most notable venues for cultural and community events in Dubai. We are eager to witness our joint efforts bringing about this state-of-the-art opera house,” said CEO Farhad Azizi.

He added, “A prime tourist attraction and high-end local hotspot, Azizi Venice plans to welcome over 30,000 visitors on a daily basis. The opulent community will have its very own two Azizi-owned and operated five-star hotels at the entrances of the community, as well as one boutique hotel located on an island in the middle of the lagoon.”

A large number of underground parking spaces will be constructed to grant tens of thousands of daily visitors easy access to Azizi Boulevard and Azizi Opera, he added.

Azizi pointed out that Arup was the second UK group to be signed up for the Azizi Venice project in the past week. It also appointed UK-based design studio Kettle Collective to provide concept design for 12 buildings within the mixed-use development.

Kettle Collective is said to have garnered recognition for its cutting-edge approach to architecture, tackling projects ranging from commercial developments to cultural landmarks, said the statement.

“Their commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies ensures that each project they undertake leaves a lasting impression on the built environment. We eagerly anticipate their creative concept designs, and we are confident that they will add tremendous value to our Venice projects, helping us in our pursuit of excellence,” Azizi concluded.

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