Comprehensive Guide to Green Roof Installation: Essential Steps and Best Practices

Green roofs have emerged as integral elements of contemporary urban and suburban architecture, celebrated for their ecological and sustainable advantages, as well as their ability to provide amenity spaces and increase building values while meeting regulatory or incentive requirements.   Successfully installing green roofs is not difficult with good planning, and coordination between architecture, landscaping, […]

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Tenjin Business Center | OMA

About Tenjin Business Center Fukuoka was OMA’s only completed project in Japan until 2012. The Nexus World Housing project was built more than 25 years ago. Fukuoka Jisho, a local developer, commissioned Arata Isozaki to create a concept that promotes a “new urban lifestyle,” for which OMA was chosen to build a freestanding dwelling block […]

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Chatfield Green Roofing Announces Broadened Product Offering as a Leading Green Roofing Material Supplier

Chatfield Green Roofing is expanding its services beyond XeroFlor mats to include a full range of green roofing components, positioning it as a one-stop material distributor in the North East region. Chatfield Green Roofing, a recognized supplier of high-quality, sustainable XeroFlor mats, is broadening its market reach with the addition of essential green roofing components […]

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The ‘Social Landscapes’ of Lee Friedlander

In the photography world, some of the great creators—Walker Evans, for instance, and Henry Cartier-Bresson—are known for perfect composition. What appears in the picture is exactly what belongs in it; nothing that might detract from the photo’s essence is allowed to intrude.  But there’s another path, the one frequently taken by Lee Friedlander, the 89-year-old […]

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