Stella Stays expands its Riyadh footprint
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Stella Stays expands its Riyadh footprint

Stella Stays, the award-winning proptech company, offering customer-centric, technologically-supported living spaces, has recently inked contracts for two new buildings in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,

The addition of these buildings marks a significant milestone for Stella Stays, it also underscores the company’s overarching mission; to provide enhanced user experiences and redefine the standards of modern living globally, said the firm in a statement.

Since its debut in Riyadh in June 2022, Stella Stays has welcomed over 100,000 guests. This is a testament to its compelling vision and operational excellence, the firm says.

The signing of the two new buildings are the company’s 3rd and 4th towers in Riyadh since launching in the Kingdom. The two new branded residences, set to open later this year, will offer guests Stella Stay’s signature user-centric services, with modern sleek interiors and spacious, fully-equipped apartments, specifically designed to cater to guest’s needs.

“Our journey since launching in Riyadh has been marked by significant achievements and learning. As we embark on the next chapter with our two new buildings, our mission remains steadfast: to innovate, excel, and satisfy our customers,” said Mohannad Zikra, CEO and founder of Stella Stays. “This expansion is a strategic step towards our goal of becoming a globally recognised leader in branded residences.”

The decision to expand Stella Stays’ footprint in Riyadh aligns with the company’s global vision of establishing a presence in key markets around the world. The two new buildings, located in Riyadh, offer a total of 162 units, further bolstering Stella Stays’ presence in the region. Further, the towers represent the company’s “Show Up and Start Living” concept, offering modern, fully equipped apartments and co-working spaces, along with other recreational, commercial and community amenities.

“At Stella Stays, our mission goes beyond simply providing accommodation; we strive to create immersive living environments that cater to the evolving needs of our residents,” added Mohannad. “Our branded residences are designed to offer a seamless blend of simplicity, technology, and convenience, setting a new standard for modern living.”

Stella Stays’ living spaces are distinguished by their emphasis on cutting-edge technology and personalized services. Each unit is equipped with smart home features that allow residents to control lighting, temperature, and security systems remotely. Additionally, Stella Stays’ proprietary mobile app provides residents with access to a range of services, including concierge assistance, maintenance requests, and community events. By leveraging advanced technology, Stella Stays are able to offer residents greater convenience, security, and connectivity, ultimately enriching their daily lives.

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