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Naturcycle Founder & President Charles Duprey Elected Vice Chair of CREF

The Compost Research & Education Foundation (CREF) is a non-profit organization that advocates for compost and composters nationwide “to advance composting technologies, practices, and beneficial uses that support resource conservation and economic and environmental sustainability.” Some of the activities that CREF is committed to include:

  • Increase awareness and educate the public through supporting public outreach and targeted activities including updating and creating compost resources and publications as well as developing local and national campaigns to raise public knowledge of composting and its importance to long-term sustainability.
  • Foster scientific research opportunities. The Foundation’s reputation for credibility and scientific rigor has led to the development of sound composting principles, processes, product end uses and analytical standards.
  • Advance the stature and practice of the composting industry by offering professional development opportunities and disseminating best practices throughout the industry.

While affiliated with the US Composting Council, it operates as a separate entity with an independent governing board and staff. Charles Duprey, the founder and president of Naturcycle, who was appointed to the CREF Board of Trustees in 2021, was elected Vice Chair earlier this year.

“I am honored that such an important group for the future of compost science and climate solutions would allow me to serve as its Vice Chair. As we continue to expand this organization and the important work it does in training composters, research, and more, I am excited by the unique role CREF can play in improving our world as the leading compost not-for-profit.”

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