Nanning Shuangding Waste-to-Energy Power Plant | UUA (United Units Architects)

The Nanning Shuangding Waste-to-Energy Power Plant is located in northeast Nanning. It was recently completed and is surrounded by eucalyptus forests, with karst mountains in the background. The Nanning Shuangding Waste-to-Energy Power Plant project was led by United Unit Architects (UUA) Design Partner Yongzheng Li and Managing Partner Qizhi Li during the schematic design phase. […]

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Toy Blocks Kindergarten | Blocher Partners India

During the first six years of a child’s life, early childhood development plays an essential role in developing their cognitive, emotional, and social skills, which will significantly impact their future. Our journey began at the intersection of child psychology and progressive educational practices when a visionary client entrusted us with establishing a Toy Blocks Kindergarten […]

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Quzhou Stadium | MAD Architects

MAD Architects, led by Ma Yansong, has completed the construction of Quzhou Stadium, a central feature of the Quzhou Sports Park complex, covering almost 700,000 square meters in Zhejiang Province. The stadium is located in the historic city of Quzhou, surrounded by lush forests on both sides and 400 kilometers southwest of Shanghai. The stadium’s […]

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Our May 2024 Newsletter is Out! From World Green Roof Day to Everyday with Living Green Architecture + more…

From World Green Roof Day to Everyday with Living Green Architecture According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the current unprecedented floods in Brazil, drought in the Amazon, deluges and heatwaves across Africa, and extreme heat across Asia are causing severe damage to health and livelihoods. In the U.S., summer temperatures are expected to be […]

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Understanding the Impact of Building Certifiers on Property Value

Building certification is more than just a bureaucratic step in the construction process; it’s a crucial element that reassures buyers and investors about the safety, sustainability, and compliance of their potential property investments. In Sydney, a city with a dynamic and competitive real estate market, the significance of building certifiers cannot be overstated. They play […]

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