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Al Ain’s roads upgrade reaches half-way stage

Al Ain City Municipality has announced it has completed 47% of the work on Phase 1 of the extensive Infrastructure and Road Upgrade Project in the Al Amerah area. Project construction began in the third quarter of 2023, at a total budget of US $35.3mn.

The three-phase project – part of a comprehensive plan to develop roads and sustainable infrastructure in Al Ain’s residential neighborhoods – aims to provide the best services for the well-being and convenience of citizens and residents alike.

It is also the largest single upgrade to the district’s roads network in the modern history of Al Ain Municipality and is part of a larger, ongoing civic enterprise concerned with improving the region’s accessibility and access, said a report.

Al Ain City Municipality explained that the project works cover numerous ley operations, including: road reconstruction; the creation of ample parking lots; storm drainage network improvement; laying down new sidewalks and walkways; resurfacing; fresh lane demarcation; lighting network upgrade; and speed bump installation. Work is currently proceeding fully on schedule.

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