15 Best Pillow for Side Sleepers, Tried & Tested
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15 Best Pillow for Side Sleepers, Tried & Tested

Find the best pillow for side sleepers with us. If you usually sleep on your side, the most important thing to think about when you’re buying pillows is how thick they are. This is called “loft,” which just means how high the pillow sits when it’s on your bed. The best pillows for side sleepers will be nice and thick to fill the gap between your head and the mattress when you’re lying on your side. 

You want to find a pillow that keeps your head supported and raises it enough to keep your neck and spine in line but not too high, or you might end up with a sore neck. Your body shape matters too if you have broad shoulders, you’ll likely need a thicker pillow than someone with a slimmer build, maybe around four or five inches tall.

Once you’ve sorted out the thickness, a lot of what you want in a pillow comes down to a personal choice: Do you like it firm or soft? What do you think about memory foam? And how much money are you willing to spend? Because of these differences, there’s no one “best” pillow for side sleepers, but there are plenty of good options. 

We talked to sleep experts to find out what pillows they suggest for side sleepers and what to look for when you’re shopping for one. My team and I also tested out pillows to make an evaluation of the best ones. 

If you already know what kind of side-sleeper pillow you want, you can skip ahead using the table of contents, or you can read about each of our top picks below.

1. Saatva Latex Pillow

Care Machine washable cover 
Fill Material Shredded latex 
Firmness Options Medium-firm 
Size Standard/Queen, King in Standard Loft, High Loft

Out of all the best pillows for side sleepers we evaluated, we thought the Saatva Latex pillow was the best option. We heartily suggest this cushion if you’re looking for something with lots of breathability and plush comfort reminiscent of a five-star hotel.

The best pillow for side and back sleepers is unique as it has shredded natural latex within its core, which gives your head and neck superior support. A detachable inner cushion filled with micro denier fiber that simulates the sensation of down is located within. Furthermore contributing to its grand impression is the outer cover’s construction from very soft, breathable organic cotton.

During testing, we found that this pillow had a significant, almost weighted feel to it. It fits effortlessly into pillowcases and springs back fast when pushed, demonstrating its responsive support. Though it’s a little feature, some pillowcases may show the piping around the edges.

This pillow’s initial comfort factor is what makes it so fantastic. There’s no need to constantly adjust or reshape the Saatva pillow behind your neck since it stays cool to the touch and is very breathable.

Not to mention, there’s a 45-day return guarantee and a one-year limited warranty with this cushion. This allows you more than a month to give it a try and determine whether it meets your needs. You can try the loft during this trial time to make sure it’s the right fit for you since the cushion isn’t changeable like some others on our list.

  • What we like: This pillow’s fill quickly returns to its original form when you push on it, ensuring that it keeps its shape over time.
  • What could be better: As this cushion isn’t customizable, you can’t change the stuffing.

2. Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow

Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow
Care Machine washable 
Fill Material Down 
Firmness Soft, medium, and firm 
Size Standard, King

You’ll love this best pillow for side sleepers with neck pain if you like the cuddly, snug sensation of sliding into a down pillow. It keeps the beautiful squishiness that comes with down pillows while providing side sleepers with just the right amount of support. Its firmness, which offers side sleepers the additional neck support they need without feeling too solid beneath their heads, delighted our testers.

The best down pillows for side sleepers are free of feathers that protrude through the cover, in contrast to some other down pillows. This is because the 100% organic cotton covering keeps the feathers from escaping. Furthermore, in contrast to many down pillows that smell like feathers, our testing showed that this cushion is absolutely odor-free.

The triple washing process used to create this pillow gives all the down a long-lasting, lofty quality that supports your head and neck all night longeven if you sleep on your side.

In addition, our testers observed that, for a down pillowwhich often retains more heat than other kinds of fillthe Boll & Branch cushion remains astonishingly chilly. It also has great features like piping trim and a three-chamber design, which guarantee that it will hold its firmness and form over time.

Just keep in mind that washing or dry cleaning this cushion might harm the feathers within. Therefore, you will need to be extra cautious so as not to stain it.

  • What we like: This pillow supports your neck and shoulders just enough to allow you to sleep comfortably on your side while still having the opulent look and warm feel of a premium down cushion.
  • What could be better: This cushion is safe to wash and tumble dry only on low heat.

3. Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow
Care Machine washable cover
Fill Material Shredded memory foam
Firmness  Memory foam with additional fill
Size Standard, Queen, King

You’ll like sleeping on a pillow that is extremely breathable and made to repel heat if you’re tired of tossing your pillow over and over to locate the cold side on those hot, sticky evenings. The Snuggle-Pedic, the best pillow for side sleepers, is our top pick for optimal cooling. When our testers lay on it, they discovered that it stayed almost the same temperature, warming up by a mere two degrees by the conclusion of the test.

Even after spending extended amounts of time on the pillow, our experts couldn’t stop complimenting how cold and pleasant it felt on their scalps. The rough bamboo cover, which naturally wicks away heat and increases ventilation, contributes to this cooling effect.

An additional fill bag is included with the Snuggle-Pedic pillow, which you can stuff into the cushion to give it more support. The shredded memory foam is customizable, so you can choose a harder or softer feel for your mattress.

You can add or remove filling as required by using the zipper on the seam. Our testers report that it is firmly stitched in and doesn’t protrude or show through the pillowcase in any way. Although our testers hardly noticed it, you may be able to see the cover’s design somewhat through the pillowcase.

Those who sleep overheated or who get neck aches from a less supportive cushion should use this pillow. It maintains its softness and plushness while providing plenty of support.

  • What we like: This pillow’s bamboo cover provides great airflow, which keeps you cool and cozy all night long.
  • What could be better: Just remember that it can become a little messy if you change the firmness yourself.

4. Purple Harmony Pillow

Purple Harmony Pillow
Care Machine washable cover
Fill Material Latex
Firmness  Medium, low, tall
Size Standard, King

My particular favorite cushion is the Purple Harmony. Lying on it is like relaxing on a light, airy cloud, yet it lacks the fluffy sensation of a down pillow. Purple’s GelFlex Grid spans the upper layer, giving it a soft, cushiony sensation, while Talalay latex fills the center of the pillow, giving your head enough support and keeping it from flattening.

Together with the ventilated latex and GelFlex Grid, the cover’s flexible, supple mesh material facilitates easy airflow. Because of this, it’s a great option for side sleepers who experience nighttime heat waves. In addition, side sleepers of various shapes and sizes can use the Purple Harmony pillow since it comes in three distinct loft height options: low, medium, and tall. We suggest the tall option for most side sleepers and the medium loft for individuals who weigh less than 150 pounds.

  • What we like: There are three distinct height options. It encourages ventilation, which keeps you cooler while you sleep. Cleaning the cover in the washing machine is simple.
  • What could be better: It’s one of the most expensive pillows. Some folks who prefer a more conventional foam cushion may find its distinctive design to be unsatisfactory.

5. Sleep Number Comfort Fit

Sleep Number Comfort Fit
Care Machine washable cover
Fill Material Memory foam & down alternative
Firmness  Soft
Size King

The Sleep Number best pillow for back and side sleepers combines the advantages of foam and down pillows. There are three inserts in the Ultimate ComfortFit model, and each one is packed with a mix of memory foam and fibers that substitute for down. This special filler gives off a fluffy, soft sensation without gradually losing its form. We’ve been using this pillow every night for months, and we really love it.

Keeping all three inserts within offers the ideal height for most side sleepers. But you can simply alter it by unzipping the cover and taking out one of the inserts if you feel it to be too tall. Furthermore, for simple cleaning, the cover is machine washable.

  • What we like: Removing the inserts makes it simple for side sleepers to change the height. You can take off the cover and give the machine a wash.
  • What could be better: Some consumers may think the cost is excessive.

6. Coop Home Goods Adjustable Full Body Pillow

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Full Body Pillow
Care Machine washable 
Fill Material Memory foam and polyester
Firmness  Ultra-Soft
Size Body Pillow

We think the Original Pillow from Coop Home Goods is the best body pillow for side sleepers we’ve ever used. Compared to other body pillows we’ve tried, it is softer since it is packed with a comfortable blend of polyester and memory foam. One tester expressed great satisfaction with the ability to customize the fill. You may add more fill if you’d like your pillow to be firmer. Its machine-washable nature (both cover and stuffing) is what makes this cushion unique. We saw some fuzziness on the cover after washing.

You can easily alter the height of this cushion if you’re not sure how firm it should be. The special combination of memory foam and down substitute fibers will appeal to sleepers who desire both support and a luxurious sensation.

  • What we like: It has a flexible height. The fill and cover that is machine washable
  • What could be better: According to testers, you must shake the cushion to disperse the contents evenly.

7. Casper Hybrid Pillow with Snow

Casper Hybrid Pillow with Snow
Care Machine washable 
Fill Material Polyester, Polyurethane Foam
Firmness  Soft
Size Standard, King

With a name like “snow,” we had great aspirations, and the Casper Hybrid pillow lived up to them. Because of its efficient phase change and other cooling features, it really tops our list of the best cooling pillows. It improves ventilation and feels cool to the touch, making sure you’re comfy the whole night.

Layers of soft fibers and polyfoam combine to create a combination that is both supportive and responsive within the best pillow for side sleepers with shoulder pain. It provides greater support than down and is more responsive than memory foam. In addition to being cooling, the cover is detachable and machine-washable for easy cleaning.

  • What we like: It is simple to remove the cover and give it a machine wash. It feels cold to the touch and successfully controls temperature.
  • What could be better: It has an expensive price tag. It can be too chilly for some side sleepers who don’t sleep hot.

8. Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow

Eli & Elm Side Sleeper Pillow
Care Machine washable 
Fill Material Latex, Polyester Fiber
Firmness  Custom
Size Standard

The ergonomic support of the best firm pillow for side sleepers is the result of its particular design. Its U-shaped design easily fits over the curvature of your shoulders, cradling your head and neck. The pillow provides a special combination of softness, fluffiness, bounce, and support since it is filled with fluffy polyester fiber and latex shreds. It controls temperature well, even if it doesn’t feel cool to the touch.

The Eli & Elm pillow has adjustable height and firmness for side sleepers. Pillows with more filling are firmer and taller, but you can change these properties by eliminating stuffing. You can also get the cushion with more fill if you’re a bigger side sleeper or just want it extra firm.

  • What we like: Eliminating the filler makes adjusting the height simple. It is specially made with side sleepers in mind. Purchasing the cushion with additional filling is an option. You can also machine wash the cover.
  • What could be better: It has a price tag of more than $100. The option of a king-size cushion is not available.

9. Pillow Cube Side Cube

Pillow Cube Side Cube
Care Machine washable 
Fill Material Memory foam
Firmness  Soft
Size Standard, king, queen, twin

This clever cushion is really revolutionary for side sleepers. It covers the region between your shoulder and neck with its distinctive rectangular form and 90-degree edges, offering outstanding support and guaranteeing correct alignment. Although it has a standard 5-inch height, you can also check out the brand’s new Side Cube Deluxe if you require a shorter or higher version. It is important to remember that this form is most appropriate for those who sleep mostly on their sides and don’t move throughout the night.

Though we had our reservations at first, it pleased our testers as well as our team, winning them over with its helpful design. What I like most about it is that it provides steady support all the way to the edge, which guarantees my neck is well-supported. I used to sleep with my hand under my neck or place an additional pillow there in the past.

  • What we like: The special design guarantees accurate alignment. Specially made with side sleepers in mind. Our testing showed that the foam held up nicely under pressure.
  • What could be better: Not recommended for those who flip positions as they sleep.

10. Sobel Westex Hotel Sobella Medium Pillow

Sobel Westex Hotel Sobella Medium Pillow
Care Machine washable 
Fill Material Fiber, polyester
Firmness  Soft
Size Standard, king

Several lavish hotels are known to use Sobel Westex bedding in their suites, and their hotel pillows are guaranteed to make an impact. Our testing revealed that the high fill, which is really polyester but feels down, functioned very well, giving off an opulent vibe without breaking the wallet. In comparison to other down alternative designs we’ve tested, it also felt more solid and supportive.

This pillow cleaned well and promptly recovered its form in our pressure testing, in addition to having a high-quality construction and an elegant design. Testers gave it great ratings for comfort and support because they liked how fluffy it felt. It stays in shape all through the night and gives side sleepers like me enough support without becoming too hot. As one reviewer put it, “This is the first pillow I’ve tried that supports my neck without causing any strain.” It has held up better than their previous pillows, although some testers note that it has somewhat flattened out with time.

  • What we like: The pillow’s stuffing is fluffy and has a high loft. In tests of durability, it fared well. It feels and looks more refined.
  • What could be better: Due to the fiber content, the cushion continues to flatten over time.

11. Coop Home Goods Premium Original Adjustable Pillow

Coop Home Goods Premium Original Adjustable Pillow
Care Machine washable lining
Fill Material Memory Foam, Microfiber
Firmness  Medium
Size Queen, king

Your spine’s misalignment is most likely the source of your aching neck when you wake up. Fortunately, this cushion provides an easy fix with its changeable fill. For those who often shift positions during the night, adding or removing fill is a terrific way to get the ideal firmness level. Moreover, unlike other comparable pillows we’ve tested, the cover and inside cushion are machine-washable, and even after our test washes, they still looked fantastic.

Testers gave this pillow great reviews and gave it the highest ratings for support and comfort. For one tester who had neck discomfort at her C3, it made a big impact. “It’s great to get up in the morning sans aches and pains,” she said. “The pillow covers round my head and neck, and I melt into it.” The external cover’s propensity to pill with time is one drawback.

  • What we like: You can change the height to suit your preferences. Ideal if you regularly switch positions as you sleep at night. It fared very well in consumer and our tests.
  • What could be better: With time, the outside cover starts to pill.

12. Layla Sleep Kapok Pillow

Layla Sleep Kapok Pillow
Care Machine washable 
Fill Material Memory Foam
Firmness  Soft
Size Queen, king

Shredded memory foam and kapok, a smooth, natural material that resembles cotton, make up the novel hybrid fill of the Layla pillow. Our testers praised the supporting and soft feel that this combination produces. Furthermore, you can modify the fill to your desired height and change positions during the night without compromising support since it is customizable.

With near-perfect ratings, our testers praised the Layla pillow’s outstanding comfort, support, and general happiness. One tester in especially liked how it adjusts to your sleeping posture to guarantee correct alignment. However, there are a few drawbacks, such as the cushion perhaps being too thin for people with wide shoulders and the gray cover showing through certain pillowcases.

  • What we like: The cushion is filled with shredded memory foam and kapok. You can change the height to suit your preferences. Testers awarded it almost flawless ratings.
  • What could be better: Through pillowcases in bright colors, the gray cover could be partially apparent. It was challenging for several testers to acclimate.

13. Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow (Set of Two)

Tuft & Needle Down Alternative Pillow
Care Machine washable cover
Fill Material Foam
Firmness  Plush
Size Standard, king

If you’re allergic to down or just want a more cost-effective solution, down replacement pillows are a terrific alternative. Tuft & Needle stands out among the hundreds of products we’ve evaluated for its solid support, maintaining its form night after night in both in-lab and at-home testing. For an added touch of refinement that won’t show through your pillowcase, each pillow also has delicate side piping.

Testers praised the pillow for its ability to hold its form and for fitting neatly in a Standard pillowcase. All of them said it was quite supportive and cozy to sleep on, while a few expressed a desire that it was softer. Another tester emphasized the product’s attention to detail, stating that the materials and stitching were of good quality.

  • What we like: For a reasonable price, you get two pillows. It has tasteful, understated piping. For comfort, testers gave it excellent ratings.
  • What could be better: A few testers expressed their desire for it to be softer.

14. Tempur-Pedic Breeze Pro + Advanced Cooling Pillow

Tempur-Pedic Breeze Pro + Advanced Cooling Pillow
Care Machine washable cover
Fill Material Solid memory foam
Firmness  Medium
Size Queen, king with Lo and Hi heights

There are two heights available for the Tempur-Pedic Breeze Pro + Advanced Cooling Pillow: high and low. Side sleepers will find the high style to be ideal. There’s an inner layer of firm memory foam and a gel layer that work together to keep you cool.

Our testers liked that the outer cover was machine washable and that there were no noticeable indications of wear or shrinking after washing it throughout our tests. If you’re a restless sleeper, it would be preferable to use a more responsive pillow since, while the testers found that the pillow immediately molds to your head, it takes longer to return to its original shape if you move about a lot while you’re asleep. It is also the most costly choice on our list.

  • What we like: There are two distinct height options. It has a cooling gel layer. It provides the recognizable sink-in-your-pillow feeling of the brand.
  • What could be better: It costs a lot. Takes more time to regain its former form after usage.

15. Naturepedic Organic Latex Pillow

Naturepedic Organic Latex Pillow
Care Machine washable cover
Fill Material Shredded latex
Firmness  Medium
Size Standard, queen, king

The Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) have certified this Naturepedic cushion. Shredded latex fills the opposite side, while on the other is soft, quilted PLA batting, a plant-based fiber derived from sugarcane. An organic cotton cover encases the whole cushion. Because the shredded latex fill is soft and pliable, you can change the stiffness and height to suit your preferences.

Our testers like the design, which makes it ideal for those who often switch positions while sleeping or have restless nights. They liked how adjustable it was and how supportive it was for all sleeping positions. Even though one tester noted that taking the stuffing out may be messy, this didn’t stop our tests. One person even praised it as the best pillow they had ever used for sleeping.

  • What we like: The cushion has an organic stuffing and cover. To suit your preferences, you can change the fill quantity.
  • What could be better: A few users complained that changing the fill was “a bit messy.”

How We Picked the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

We put more than 40 pillows through testing and utilized our knowledge and experience to create a list of the top choices for the best pillows for side sleepers with neck pain and without it. We considered things like materials, height, pricing, hardness, and extra features like cooling capabilities and we tested every pillow for a minimum of two days. The objective was to sleep through each night on my side without getting any kinks or pain in my neck since this list is designed with side sleepers in mind. The list didn’t include any pillows that didn’t fit this requirement.

Top 5 Factors To Get The Perfect Side Sleeper Pillow

For side sleepers, our experts recommend using a thick, firm pillow to keep the ears in line with the shoulders and avoid neck pain. When lying down, the ideal cushion will keep your head and neck in the correct position.

1. Fill

As long as the pillow is thick enough to support the neck, side sleepers can use pillows with a variety of fillings, including foam and down. While hybrid, down, and down alternative alternatives give greater flexibility, solid foam or latex options offer stable support. Keep in mind that down or down alternate fillings could need frequent fluffing in order to stay tall.

2. Loft

This describes the height of the cushion. Select a pillow that retains its neutral alignment by choosing a loft. Remember that the perfect loft changes depending on your body type and height. An adjustable pillow lets you choose the ideal height if you’re not sure.

3. Sleeping style

Pillows with plusher fill that conform to the motions of restless sleepers are a good choice. For those who sleep through the night in one position, solid memory foam pillows provide dependable support.

4. Care

Before making a purchase, see the care guidelines. While some pillows have coverings that can only be machine-cleaned, others have no washing capability at all. A totally machine-washable cushion is the better choice if you have allergies. Keep in mind that you usually can’t machine wash memory foam.

5. Return policy

Please make sure to examine the return policy due to the wide range of pillows that are available. If the pillow doesn’t suit your demands, you can return it or swap it thanks to this guarantee.